Vesteraalens Cooperates with ArcticSource1 in USA

January 23, 2013

Vesteraalens AS, founded 1912 and now the producer of a wide variety of products based on local catch of cod, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for the US market with ArcticSource1 LLC. The agreement covers high quality cod liver oil products for the premium supplement and functional food markets.

“Vesteraalens is located in the middle of the best area in the world for wild and certified sustainable cod, just north of the polar circle in Lofoten, Norway”, says Jan Haakonsen, sales and marketing director of ArcticSource1. “No wonder they make the freshest cod liver oil in the market”, he adds.

“Vesteraalens is in the process of expanding operations with the philosophy “In respect for the fish” and will launch new nutritional products with the highest quality in the market, says Geir Wilhelm Wold, President and key owner of Vesteraalens. “That is why we are taking a harder look at USA as a market for our premium cod liver oil products”. Randi Bolstad, Sales Director of Vesteraalens continues,

“There were many good reasons to select ArcticSource1 to do the job for us. The decisive reason was the market competence on marine ingredients at ArcticSource1 with Omega-3 as the leading ingredient in their product portfolio.

The USA is the single largest market for fish oils and other Omega-3 rich products. The market trend is towards liquid and combination solutions requiring purer and better quality oils to supply more appealing and less expensive products to the consumer. That is why Vesteraalens and ArcticSource1 expect rapid acceptance in the market.

Vesteraalens AS was founded 1912 in Lofoten with focus on producing fish balls, a staple food across Norway. As a result of the excellent location with great access to fresh fish, the reputation for high quality fish products was soon established. In 2009 the company was bought by the current shareholders and implementation of the vertical integration strategy has solidified the sourcing and production of high quality products for both the domestic and international markets.

ArcticSource1 LLC was established in 2010 by Jan Haakonsen, an Omega-3 market professional, with the expressed focus on sales and marketing of marine ingredients from the Nordic region to the USA. The company offering includes a full range of Omega-3 products, traditional and innovative fish protein products, chitosan and other specialised ingredients from the sea.

For more information, please contact:
Vesteraalens AS:  Geir Wilhelm Wold   + 47 907 33 934
ArcticSource1 LLC:  Jan Haakonsen   + 1 719 201 4641