ArcticSource1 Customer Wins 2013 Supply Side Editor’s Choice Award

November 26, 2013

Omega3 Innovations’ newest product, Omega Heaven, was first named finalist and then won the award for top CPG product for Omega-3 innovation and market significance. The key ingredient is supplied by ArcticSource1’s supplier Vesteraalens.

“We are thrilled that the Omega Heaven won at Supply Side West,” said Bo Martinsen, MD, co-founder of the Florida-based company Omega3 Innovations.

“This shows the potential for product development using taste-and odor-free Omega-3 oils in foods,” says Jan Haakonsen, sales and marketing director of ArcticSource1. “We are proud to offer the market a cost-effective choice of these quality omega-3 oils and look forward to get further market reactions,” he adds.

ArcticSource1 LLC was established with the expressed focus on sales and marketing of marine ingredients from the Nordic region to the USA supplement markets. The company offering includes a full range of Omega-3 products, traditional and innovative fish protein products, chitosan and other specialised ingredients from the sea. The company also markets select Omega-3 products to the European and Chinese markets.