ArcticSource1 to offer free mercury testing at Supply Side West 2014 in Las Vegas

September 12, 2014

ArcticSource1, a specialty distributor for marine ingredients, will offer visitors free mercury testing at their booth #18024 during Supply Side West 2014. This is to help those who worry about unknown levels of mercury in the fish or fish oil supplements they consume.

“Many worry about eating fish due to the possible risk of mercury accumulation in their bodies. Poor quality fish oil supplements can also contribute to the build up of heavy metals,” says Jan Haakonsen, Sales and Marketing Director of ArcticSource1. “Our offering of extremely pure and natural oils mitigate this risk,” he adds.

Mercury is one of the most feared contaminants in fish and fish oil products. It accumulates in the body and negatively affects the kidneys, central nervous and reproductive systems.

“We want to take the guesswork out of the equation for our customers and we thought that offering a free hair analysis to test for mercury would do just that,” says Alex Palleson, Quality Assurance and Supply Director. “All that is needed is a sample of clean hair, a contact name, email address and answers to some simple questions. We will send you the results along with recommended maximum values.”

ArcticSource1 LLC, founded in 2010 by Jan Haakonsen, has the expressed focus of sales and marketing of marine ingredients from the Nordic region to the USA. The company offering includes a full range of natural Omega-3 products, innovative fish protein products, chitosan and other specialised ingredients from the sea. The company also markets select Omega-3 products to the European and Chinese markets.